How LevelFi Works

How Level FI works

The Data Points for Level FI:

Level FI Risk Score

Your Options To Refer After The LevelFi Score

Step 1

Partner inputs lead info

Step 2

LevelFi scores the lead

Step 3

Levelfi recommends
(Refer or Don’t Refer)

Step 4

Partner decides whether
to Refer / Not refer





You can score a single lead.

Single applicant scoring is available in the LevelFi portal for the Loan Application model.

A single applicant can be scored by entering data on the Single Upload Page. The required fields are listed in the Loan Application Model Fields table below. If a field is missing or unavailable, it is still possible to obtain a score, although the accuracy may be affected.

You can score with a batch upload.

Financial Institutions may benefit from batch uploading. Multiple applicants can be scored at once using the Batch Upload Option. The scoring function accepts a CSV file as input. The csv file must have the exact column name as shown in the Loan Application Model Field Table.

Do not include commas for thousand separators, or “$” for currencies with your data.  An example CSV with the correct headers is available here.

You can score with an API connection.

For information about scoring an applicant via the API, see the Developer’s Documentation available here.

For more information or questions, please fill out the inquiry form.