How LevelFi Works

How Level FI works

The Data Points for Level FI:

Level FI Risk Score

Your Options To Refer After The LevelFi Score

Step 1

Partner inputs lead info

Step 2

LevelFi scores the lead

Step 3

Levelfi recommends
(Refer or Don’t Refer)

Step 4

Partner decides whether
to Refer / Not refer





You can score a single lead.

Single applicant scoring is available in the LevelFi portal for the Loan Application model.

A single applicant can be scored by entering data on the Single Upload Page. The required fields are listed in the Loan Application Model Fields table below. If a field is missing or unavailable, it is still possible to obtain a score, although the accuracy may be affected.

You can score with a batch upload.

Financial Institutions may benefit from batch uploading. Multiple applicants can be scored at once using the Batch Upload Option. The scoring function accepts a CSV file as input. The csv file must have the exact column name as shown in the Loan Application Model Field Table.

Do not include commas for thousand separators, or “$” for currencies with your data.

You can score with an API connection.

For information about scoring an applicant via the API, please fill out the inquiry form.