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Then LevelFi may be a tool just right for you.

LevelFi is a tool that allows small business champions to refer their clients to LiftFund as an alternative capital solution if they are unable to help. 

LevelFi is a lighter version of LiftFund’s underwriting risk model. The tool utilizes over 10,000 loans made by LiftFund to determine if a customer is a good referral to LiftFund.  

The goal of LevelFi is to create a stronger small business referral ecosystem to capital. The name LevelFi comes from LiftFund’s vision to level the financial playing field so underserved entrepreneurs can connect to support and credit.

About LiftFund

LiftFund was founded in 1994 in San Antonio, Texas and serves 14 states. It is considered one of the largest micro and small business lending community organizations in the U.S. with a proven track record of serving startups and family-owned businesses for over 25 years. 

LiftFund has successfully used the risk model and our clients have a 95% repayment rate from diverse entrepreneurs including startups, minorities, women, veterans, returning citizens, immigrants, and disabled business owners.

The tool allows banks, partners, and clients to assess if they would qualify for a LiftFund loan. 

The design of LevelFi allows a partner to screen their referrals to LiftFund anonymously or through a partnership while meeting your company’s regulatory, legal and confidentiality policies.  

Who should use LevelFi?

Understanding your LevelFi Scores

LevelFi Scores are values between 0 and 1. Values closest to 1 represent a strong likelihood to repay a loan while values closer to 0 suggest a higher risk of default.

For more information or questions, please contact LevelFi administration at